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Augment your analytical brain with a blazingly fast and easy-to-use tool for explaining any phenomenon in any data set


We all get stuck with data we can't explain...

  • Sales numbers have dropped 📉 and you don’t understand why? 
  • Customers started to behave differently 🤷🏻‍♀️ and you don’t know what is going on? 
  • A weekly spike in costs on Monday night 💰 that you just can’t explain
  • Sent a question to your BI team a month ago ⌛️ and no answer yet?
  • Spending long tedious hours inside MS-Excel 😫, searching for a clue?

Get analytical super powers in 5 minutes 🚀


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Select the data points requiring an explanation and click the Explain button

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Get a detailed explanation about what has happened, why and how


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