Corona Check™

Personal home-care for Corona patients

✅ Monitor your health condition with a free and easy to use chatbot

✅ Get a reminder on when and how to check relevant symptoms

✅ Get a friendly status report with indications on recovery or deterioration

✅ Share your health log with medical teams

✅ We care about your privacy and do not collect personally identifiable information

This is a pilot version! 

If you encounter bugs or have an idea on new features you would like to share with us please email us at info@braincast.aiWe currently support the Hebrew language and soon we will add support for other languages.


How it works 🤖

The medical knowledge about the Corona disease is growing every day. We track and model known and verified medical knowledge and use it to identify Corona related risks for patients. We also search for new unknown patterns in our users’ data to uncover new knowledge that can help in the fight against the Corona virus. Read more about us here.

Privacy 🩺

We ask only for relevant demographic and health information without personally identifiable information. We may share our data in a privacy-preserving manner with research groups and authorities for improving the worldwide knowledge on Corona and we will ask your permission before we do so. You can delete your data anytime from within the chatbot. Check out our privacy policy page.

Disclaimer ❗️

The Corona Check™ bot is in testing phase and due to that we may provide you with wrong diagnostics. To be on the safe side please make sure you follow the general public health guidelines and the medical advice available to you.

We are in this together ❤️

We joined the fight against the Corona virus just recently, shifting all our company resources into building a useful service for people across the globe. If you would like to volunteer please contact us. If you work at a research institute and/or health authority and you need access to the data we collect please contact us.