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We build applications which mix human knowledge and reasoning. Our technology is deeply rooted in the areas of sequence mining and declarative programming where we were able to successfully overcome two significant challenges: (1) Efficiently searching for patterns in large sequence space, making it applicable for real-life use cases. (2) Conveniently expressing human knowledge as a concise, yet well-defined description of the patterns.

We are just getting started in the path of being able to teach computers how to reason like humans.

Braincast was founded in 2019 by a small group with deep expertise in traditional ML and on the lookout for new ways to unleash AI capabilities everywhere. The search led to a secret project running for several years now at the Cyber Research Center of Ben-Gurion University, and its fruits serve as the core technology for the Braincast platform.



Lior Sidi

Lior Sidi


Master of A.I.


Ran Yahalom


Sequence Tinkerer


Dudu Mimran

Chief Strategy

Jack of All Trades


Prof. Yuval Elovici

Scientific Advisor

Cyber Security Researcher


Prof. Angel Progador

Scientific Advisor

Connecting Biology to Data


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HaEnergia St 77, Be’er Sheva, Israel

Weizman 46, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Email: info@braincast.ai

Facebook: facebook.com/braincastai/

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Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/braincast/

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